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New global data center report from the BroadGroup illustrates Iceland's value as a global IT services hub.


How Climate Change and Geopolitics are Redefining Energy Security

How Climate Change and Geopolitics are Redefining Energy Security

Global energy risk has changed dramatically over the past decade. Dr Anthony Janetos and other experts discussed how climate change and geopolitics are affecting energy strategy and how Iceland’s clean energy can make a difference. Related discussion topics included: Iceland’s clean power reserves, clean cloud technology, foreign direct investment, carbon regulation, and Iceland’s business environment.

CarbonZero IT
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Sustainable Technology Services℠ (STS) are cloud sourced hosting services powered with clean energy. This website is hosted on a server located in Iceland where data centers are powered with low cost 100% clean hydroelectric and geothermal generated electricity. Cloud technology allows cloud application service providers and general purpose hosting services to consider clean energy when deciding how and where to source their workload or add additional capacity. 

The fuel mix used to supply today's data center power requirements is generated predominatly with fossil fuel and varying degrees renewable energy, primarily hydroelectric.  Nuclear power, while not renewable, produces virtually zero carbon emissions and is second only to fossil fuel as an energy source for electricity generation.  The two primary fossil fuels are coal and, increasingly, natural gas, make up approximately ~65% of the global fuel mix for electricity generation. 

The rapid adoption of cloud technology owes much to it's ability to improve asset utilization, resiliency, and leverage the latest software innovations.  These new capabilities also allow for new flexibility in locating the data center infrastructure and gives companies a powerful new strategy to tackle technology's rarely discussed downside: carbon or green house gas (GHG) emissions.  Could's rapid growth has led to massive increases in electricity consumption by the data centers that house the cloud servers, storage, and networks.  These increases in consumption far exceed advances in the energy efficiency of processor chips that servers use to do their work.  This consumption contributes to the overuse of fossil fuels as the vast majority of electric utilities that power the cloud use fossil fuel to generat the needed electricity and as such are a major source of GHG emissions.

Energy security is now a primary consideration for decision makers seeking to mitigate operational risks in their business. Uncertainty over the rising cost and availability of electricity in the UK and EU in particular is rising.  The ability of cloud technology to shift major power intensive operations like IT infrastructure to secure locations like Iceland with clean, available, low cost energy improves energy security while lowering operating costs.   

  • Eliminate /reduce IT related carbon emissions
  • Improved energy security: long term power contracts of up to 15 years with low, fixed rates
  • Reduced server operating cost resulting from low electricity rates
  • Reduced exposure to carbon emissions regulation

  • Enhanced brand value
  • Highlight the importance of corporate leadership through corporate action to combat climate change

CleanCloud® is a service developed by CarbonZero IT to deliver Sustainable Technology Services℠ in collaboration with our service partners.  These services help firms rapidly increase the use of clean energy within IT operations.  Our service partner, Nyherji, hf is located in Iceland and has built a cloud service infrastructure that is highly resilient, accessible, expandable, and powered from Iceland's 100% clean, renewable energy (geothermal and hydroelectric). From small businesses to large corporations we are able to provide the very latest cloud service support, e.g. infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS), or platform as a service (PaaS), or private dynamic infrastructure services. 

Please feel free to explore the site and learn more about our partners capabilities.  Try the energy calculator to estimate the level of cost savings and carbon and water use reductions that are possible when your cloud workload is sourced with CleanCloud®.


Paul Halsey

Founder & CEO
CarbonZero IT


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Energy Calculator

The Energy Calculator: allows you to input your company's specific IT power requirements and determine approximate reductions in cost, carbon, and cooling water.




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